Saturday, February 6, 2010

Strawberry Tower Year 2

It's been almost a year since I starting growing Albion Strawberries in my Strawberry Tower.

I must say that Strawberries are among the most successful things that I have grown in my garden.

I was able to keep my family supplied with Strawberries for most of the year. I did not have to buy any Strawberries from my local Supermarket. When, we went out for dinner and had Strawberries for dessert, we could taste the difference between those Strawberries and the ones that I grew. My youngest son only wanted to eat the Strawberries that grew in our garden.

Three months ago (see this blog entry), I pruned the dead and dying leaves from my Strawberry plants.

The picture to the right shows how the Strawberry Tower looks today. The Strawberry plants have slowly started to grow back leaves and there are lots of Strawberry flowers forming.

The picture to the right is a closeup of the Strawberry Tower. You can see in the picture a few of the Strawberries beginning to turn red.


  1. Hi there!
    I live in SoCal too, Laguna Niguel. I've been trying to make Al's mix, but can't find any fine fir bark. Where did you find it?

    Love your blog btw!


  2. I use Orchid Bark - fine grade. You can buy it at Orchard Supply Hardware. The brand name is Wonder Bark.

    Make sure to buy the Fine Grade.

  3. perfect, thanks so much!

  4. I have just started to grow a strawberry plant. It has produced it's first flower, but I am hesitant to pinch it off. I guess it's best to, in order to have a stronger plant.

  5. It depends upon what type of Strawberry plant you have.

    If it is a June Bearing Strawberry plant, I would not pinch the flowers, as the plant will only flower once a year. If it is a Everbearing Strawberry plant, then it will flower twice a year. If it is a Day-Neutral Strawberry plant, then it will flower continuously through the year. See this blog entry for a detail description on the types of Strawberry plants.

    I would only pinch flowers if you have Day Neutral or Everbearing Strawberry plants.