Sunday, November 29, 2009

Preparing Strawberry Tower for Winter

The weather is getting cold in Southern California (temperatures dropping to the lower 40 degrees at night).

It is time to prune away all of the leaves from my Albion Strawberry plants and let the plants rest until February, when the weather will turn warmer.

The Albion Strawberry plants are still flowering and producing a lot of Strawberries (see picture to the right).

I have been picking Strawberries every week for the past month and a half (see this blog entry).

But the Strawberries are not as big as before as the amount of sunlight is decreasing.

The picture to the right shows all of the ripe Strawberries that I picked from the Albion Strawberry plants. I filled up about half of a 32 oz container.

I then pruned away all of the leaves, flowers and runners from the Albion Strawberry plants.

The picture to the right shows how the Strawberry Tower looks after I was done.

The Strawberry Tower looks very similar to what it looked like about 9 months ago, when I first planted the Albion Strawberry plants (see this blog entry)

However, when you look up close at the Albion Strawberry Plants you can see that plants look much different than they did at the beginning.

Compare the picture below with the same view from 9 months ago (see this blog entry).

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  1. Do you continue to water the plants after you prune them? Thanks!