Saturday, March 7, 2009

Strawberry Plants are Flourishing

The Albion Strawberry plants that I planted in the Strawberry Tower are flourishing

I ordered Bare Root Strawberry plants from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply.

The plants did not look promising when they arrived (see picture to the left) and I thought I wasted my money.

I had a choice between buying Bare Root plants or fully potted plants. I chose Bare Root plants because they cost a fraction of the cost of fully potted plants.

I had read on the Internet that I would lose some percentage of the plants.

I am happy to say that I did not lose a single plant!

All of the Bare Root Albion Strawberry Plants that I received from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply have taken root.

I have been amazed at how fast the Strawberry plants have grown in the 2 weeks that I have planted them.

Day 2:

The picture on the right shows the top layer of the Strawberry Tower on Day 2 (the day after I planted the Bare Root Strawberry Plants).

The leaves were opening up. When the Bare Root plants arrived, the leaves on the plants had folded up like an accordian and were a yellowish green.

Here on Day 2, the leaves had started to open up and were a nice green color.

Day 6:

By day 6, all of the Albion Strawberry Plants had opened up.

Day 8:

By Day 8, some of the plants had started to grow a second or even a third stalk. The plants had originally come with just a single stalk.

Day 12:

By Day 12, leaves had opened up on all of the second and third stalks from the plants.

Day 16:

The plants had growned to a size that matched the size of fully potted Strawberry plants that I saw at the local nursery.


  1. Hi! We just ordered an Agrotower and will order our strawberry plants as soon as that arrives. For some reason I cannot access your Soil Less Potting Mix Blog Entry, it says I need to log in to Google to access my blogs. We are using your blog as the instruction manual for our garden. We live in OC, CA.

  2. I am glad that my blog is helpful to you.

    I have fixed the link to the Soil Less Potting Mix blog entry.

    For an update on my Strawberry Tower see this blog entry.