Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Strawberries

The Albion Strawberry plants in my Strawberry Tower are doing very well.

I read that it takes a year for Strawberry plants to mature and start producing a lot of fruit. In the first year, the plants yield some fruit, but it is the second year that they really produce.

That is why some people recommend pinching off all of the flowers during the first year.

I did not pinch off all of the flowers that last year. I just pinched the flowers in the first couple of months (see this blog entry)

Still, I am amazed as to how much more productive the plants are this year. I have see more Strawberries and Flowers at this time than at any one time last year!

Strawberry plants produce well for around 3 years. So hopefully I will have another couple of years of this kind of yield before I need to replace the plants.


  1. what do you think about growing strawberries in a hanging planter?

  2. Hi there,

    An excellent project with great follow up.

    Any idea how much yield you got per plant in first year?



  3. I think strawberries will grow fine in a hanging planter. The main problem you will have is to keep the plants watered. Since the planter is up high, you will not be able to see how dry the soil is.

  4. The yield from the 1st year is not as good as what I am seeing in the 2nd year. I think I got roughly a cup of strawberries per plant.

  5. Can someone say about the yield per unit volume?

  6. this was great. i'm going to try this method as i'm still trying to control the slugs.. yuk

  7. Thanks a lot. I followed your way to build one strawberries tower. waiting for the harvesting~