Sunday, February 7, 2010

Starting Okinawan Sweet Potatoes in February

I have had a very difficult time this Winter trying to get Okinawan Sweet Potatoes to grow (see this blog entry).

With the weather getting warmer, I thought I would try again.

I took some cuttings from the one area of my garden that still had living Okinawan Sweet Potato vines (see picture below).

I took 6 cuttings from the Okinawan Sweet Potato vines. I was careful to choose parts of the plants that looked the healthiest to use as cuttings.

I planted the cuttings into a half whiskey barrel container (see picture to the right).

Hopefully, the cuttings will take root.

I am waiting until I can get Okinawan Sweet Potato plants to grow in other areas of my garden, before I harvest the Okinawan Sweet Potatoes in the Raised Bed shown in the picture at the top.


  1. Are you selling slips for this potato? I have a garden that I would like to add these to?

  2. Sorry, but I am not selling slips.

    I am still struggling to get the cuttings to take root. I have only one source of cuttings in my garden and I will be expanding the number of containers that I will be growing the Okinawan Sweet Potatoes.

    You can buy the slips from MeriClone Labs. I bought from them last year.

  3. You've inspired me to grow Okinawan Sweet Potatoes, I've been thinking about it for couple years until I found your blog and see how you grow them.
    I'll be ordering some slips from Mericlone and see if I can grow them at high altitude environment. Thanks for sharing your experience.