Sunday, March 1, 2009

Building a Strawberry Tower - Gathering the Materials

The Strawberry Tower from AgroTower comes in a small box.

The buckets that make up each layer of the Strawberry Tower came stack on top of each other (see picture to the left).

There are holes all along the bottom of each bucket for water to drip down to the next level. There is also a 1" diameter hole in the middle of the bucket to feed a water tube through.

The pockets slant diagonally toward the center, allowing for water to drain toward the middle of the bucket.

I supplemented the Strawberry Tower with a 5.5 feet long piece of 1" PVC pipe, 2 bags of rocks, a 20" plastic container and a water tray (see picture to the right)

I use PVC pipe to provide stability to the Strawberry Tower and prevent it from falling when it gets windy. I put rocks in the 20" plastic container to anchor the PVC pipe.

I use the water tray to create a moat around the Strawberry Tower to prevent ants from getting access to the Strawberry plants.

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