Saturday, October 10, 2009

Strawberry Plants Multiplying

After I had removed the dead and old leaves from my Albion Strawberry plants, I noticed that I had more Strawberry plants than I had when I started 7 months ago!

This picture shows one of the Strawberry pockets in my Strawberry Tower. I had planted only 1 Strawberry plant in the pocket, but now there are 3 Strawberry plants in the pocket.

I had been cutting off runners whenever I saw them, but I could not see what was happening behind all of the leaves.

It is too late to try to remove any of the plants. The roots have probably intermingled and it would be a mess to try to separate them.

Despite the crowding, all 3 plants appear to be doing well.

There are several other pockets with more than 1 Strawberry plant, but this is the only pocket with 3.

This picture shows what this pocket looked like in March. Notice that there is only 1 Strawberry plant in there.

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