Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dove Melon Hybrid

I was browsing through the Park Seed web site in December and I noticed they were carrying a sweet melon called Dove Melon Hybrid.

The description sounded interesting, so I bought a packet of 15 seeds. However, the seeds took a long long time to arrive. I sent an email to Park Seed in early January and they told me that they had problems germinating the seeds and wanted to make sure that sent me seeds that were good.

Well, the seeds finally arrived this week. Unfortunately, I had turned off my Grow Lights last week once I had gotten enough seedlings (see this blog entry).

It did not make sense to me to turn back on the Grow Lights just for this. So, I decided to try growing seedlings the natural way, outside in the sun. The weather is getting warmer and I am hopeful that I can get the seeds to germinate.

I planted seeds into four 4" containers (see picture below).

I figure that if the seeds do not germinate right away, I'll keep the containers watered and in the sun through March. By then, the weather should be definitely warm enough.

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