Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another Look at How Fast Cherry Tomato Plants Grow

In my previous blog entry, I showed how fast Cherry Tomatoes grow over a 2 week period in my large Raised Bed.

In this blog entry, I am going to show you how fast Cherry Tomato plants grow from seedling to giant plants in less than 3 months (11 weeks to be exact)!

The picture below 4 Cherry Tomato plants (2 Sweet Baby Girls, 1 Sugar Snack, and 1 Super Sweet 100) growing in my other Raised bed.

These Cherry Tomato plants were started from seed on 1/18/09.  

I transplanted the seedlings into the Raised Bed on 3/15/09.

I modded the Tomato Cages that I used to support the plants on 4/11/09.  That was a smart thing to do, as today the Cherry Tomato plants are almost 8 feet tall!

The plants would have completely overwelmed the 54" Tomato Cages that I had bought from Home Depot two years ago!  Last year, I used the unmodified 54" Tomato Cages and they were totally inadequate.


  1. I'm trying something different this yaer to support my 8'+ tomatoes.
    10' 1 1/2" PVC, 2' in the ground.
    How do I add a jpg?

  2. Wow... there must be a lot of nitrogen in that soil.