Sunday, January 18, 2009

Seed Starting Round 2

Today, I started a second set of seeds in my APS-24 unit.  Yesterday, I dumped the contents of the ungerminated cells and sterilized the APS-24 with a bleach solution overnight to kill any Algae.  I used a different water tray and a different capillary mat, so that I can keep Algae away for as long as possible.  Only the styrofoam container of the APS-24  is reused.

Since I had a very good germination rate of Cherry Tomatoes in the first set of seeds, I changed the mix of seeds to have more Winter Melon seeds and fewer Cherry Tomato seeds. I only want to plant 11 Cherry Tomatoes and I already have 7 Cherry Tomato seedings.  

I planted 3 Cherry Tomato Seeds,  2 Chinese Pumpkin Seeds, 2 Kabocha Seeds, and the rest Winter Melon Seeds.

Below is a picture of my APS units under the grow light. I arranged the two APS-6 units to be in the center so that they get the most light.  I put my fast growing Winter Melon seedling on the side, but still under the light.  Finally, since there was no more room under the grow light, I put the APS-24 seed starting tray on the side away from the light.  Direct light is not essential for seeds to germinate,  just the right temperature. When seedlings emerge,  I will have to rotate the APS-6 units by 90 degrees so that I can put the APS-24 under the light.

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