Saturday, May 16, 2009

Avonlea and Yellow Electric Lilies Blooming

This is my second year growing Lilies.

Last year I bought I bunch of Lily bulbs from both the Lily Garden and from Home Depot.

The Lilies bloomed last year, but I have noticed that Lilies definitely benefit from being in the ground for a second year.

The picture to the right shows a Yellow Electric Lily from the Lily Garden.  

There are over 25 Flower buds on this Lily.  The bottom layer of Lily flowers form a beautiful bouquet.

However last year, this same Lily only produced 3 flower buds (see picture to the right). 

It wasn't as if I planted the Lily bulbs in the ground too late.  I bougth the bulbs in October and put them in the ground right away.

I think it is because the bulb got much bigger as a result of being in the sun for an entire year.

This Lily is Avonlea, also from the Lily Garden

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