Sunday, May 17, 2009

How Fast Do Cherry Tomato Plants Grow?

How fast do Cherry Tomato plants grow?

Very Fast!

The picture above shows seven Cherry Tomato plants growing in my Raised Bed.  The picture below shows the same seven Cherry Tomato plants two weeks ago.

The plants were started from seed in January and transplanted into the Raised Beds 9 to 12 weeks ago.

The tallest Sun Gold has reached a height of 8 feet and is now at the top of the 8 feet tall Texas Tomato Cages.

Cherry Tomato plants love Southern California!

For a look at how fast Cherry Tomato plants grow from seedling to mature plants see this blog entry.

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  1. Thanks, great post, enjoyed it. I'm building 5 towers,8' rounds from concrete reinforcement wire rolled and clipped-ends corner-wrapped, 4 plants around the outside of each. One tower is all white cherry (heirloom), the rest heirloom Cherokee purple, Azoychkas and Italian.
    Seeds from, the most complete and informative site I have ever found.
    I used to have that grow-toward -sun problem with cherries (until I built more new raised beds) that I solved with some old door-back dressing mirrors bought at a garage sale! That works, just a little blinding at times which is why I built elsewhere for the tomatoes (and blueberries) UPSTATE NY, region5