Sunday, May 10, 2009

Trellis and Vertical Gardening

I like to grow Winter Melon and Kabocha plants.  Unfortunately, these types of plants are vines that like to sprawl over as much area as possible.

My lot size is relatively large for Southern California, but the area is still fairly limited in terms of growing space for my Garden.

In order to increase the growing area for the Winter Melon and Kabocha plants, I use trellises.  

I grow the Winter Melon and Kabocha plants against the retaining wall that seperates my lot from my neighbor's lot.  I can then lean the trellis against the retaining wall.

One benefit of using a trellis is that it keeps the fruit from laying on the ground.  This prevents critters from taking a bite of the fruit. 

This is especially true when the fruit is young and immature.  The skin of a young Winter Melon fruit is quite fragile and I have lost many fruit to being eaten by animals.  As the fruits get bigger, the skin gets tougher and animals are no longer a problem

I have built the trellises from steel garden stakes that I buy from the local Nursery. 

 I have tried prefabricated trellises, but they are too expensive, too small, and too fragile.

The picture on above shows my trellises against the retaining wall.

The picture to the the right shows my Kaboocha plant climbing up the trellis.  

The black trellis is made of metal and was purchased a while ago before I started making my own trellis.

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  1. What do you use for pole beans and peas and sweet pea flowers?