Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Cherry Tomatoes

I picked my first batch of Cherry Tomatoes today.

I had picked one or two Cherry Tomatoes prior to today, but this was the first time that I have enough for a snack.

These Cherry Tomatoes come from just 2 of the 13 Cherry Tomato plants I have in the garden. Half of Cherry Tomatoes are Sun Gold and the other half are Sun Cherry Extra Sweet.


  1. wow these look yummy !!! I love tomatoes...i want to start growing...something...what do you think is the best thing to grow first and when ??

  2. I find that Cherry Tomatoes are much easier to grow then regular tomatoes. Your best bet is to your local nursery.

    I find that Sun Gold is the best tasting Cherry Tomato. Unfortunately Home Depot and Lowes do not usually carry Sun Gold, so that is why the Nursery would be a better bet to find it.

    Cherry Tomatoes do not require much care. Just water, some fertilizer, and lots of sunshine.