Monday, May 25, 2009

Diseased Cherry Tomato Plant

One of My Cherry Tomato Plants is diseased.

It is the Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato plant that is at the edge of the Raised Bed in the picture to the right.

The leaves have curled and some of the leaves at the bottom have shriveled and turned brown.

I have 12 other Cherry Tomato plants growing in my garden and I did not want the disease to spread to my other plants, so I decided to remove the plant from the garden.

The Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato plant was so huge that it filled an entire trash can!!!

I had a very hard time pulling the Cherry Tomato plant out of the Raised Bed. There were very many roots!

You can see some of the roots that I had to cut in the picture to the right.

Since it is only May, I wanted to replace the Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato plant with another Cherry Tomato plant.

I wanted to speed up the process so instead of trying to grow from seeds, I decided to clone a Cherry Tomato plant by taking a cutting from another Cherry Tomato plant.

See this blog entry to find out how it turned out.

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