Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Cherry Tomato Seedlings in the Ground

Today, I transplanted my last batch of Cherry Tomato Seedlings.   Three weeks ago, I had transplanted a set of four seedlings.  A week later, I planted another Cherry Tomato Seedling.

This last batch of seedlings, consisted of a total of 6 seedlings.

The picture below shows (from left to right), a Sun Sugar, a Sun Cherry Extra Sweet and a Sun Gold seedling.

The picture below shows (from left to right in the foreground), a Sweet Baby Girl, a Sweet Baby Girl and a Sugar Snack Seedling.  In the back corner, is the Super Sweet 100 Seedling that I had planted 2 weeks ago.

In this Raised Bed, I used regular 54" Tomato Cages that I had bought a couple of years ago from Home Depot.  I did not use Texas Tomato Cages because this Raised Bed is too small to fit them.  In addition, the Texas Tomato Cages are very expensive, and I have plenty of these 54" Tomato Cages lying around.  I need to make sure to prune these Cherry Tomato plants so that they do not outgrow the cages too quickly.

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