Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winter Melon Seedlings in the Ground

I transplanted 5 Winter Melon Seedlings and a Kaboocha Seedling today.

I have two types of Winter Melon Seedlings.  One seedling type is from a Long Melon that I have grown for the past two years (see picture to the right).

The other type of seedling is from a Winter Melon that my mother had bought from an Asian Supermarket.  I have no idea how this melon looks.

The Kaboocha seedling is also from seed that my mother got from a Kabocha that she had bought from an Asian Supermarket.

I planted the two types of melon in different parts of the garden, so that I can tell which kind of plant the melons came from.

The picture below shows the three Long Melon seedlings.  I seperated the seedlings by 2 feet to allow the roots of the plants to have plenty of room to spread out.

The picture below shows the two Winter Melon seedlings from my mother's Asian Supermarket Melon (to the left).  The Kabocha seedling is to the right.

As with the Cherry Tomato seedlings, I put fish bone meal into the planting hole prior to putting the seedling in.  This gives the seedlings plenty of phosphorous to help produce it more melons.

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