Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting a Winter Crop of Okinawan Sweet Potatoes

After I posted my blog entry last week on harvesting Okinawan Sweet Potatoes, I was asked whether I planned to save cuttings so that I would not have to buy cuttings again.

The answer is that I plan to continue planting Okinawan Sweet Potatoes year round. The winters in Southern California are mild enough that the plants can survive.

I have already planted cuttings into the circular Raised Bed that I had harvested the Sweet Potatoes from last week.

My plan is to have two Okinawan Sweet Potato crops per year. One every 6 months.

Goto this blog entry to see an update 1 month later.


  1. Yes, and did it work? What was your winter crop of sweet potatoes like? How long did you wait before harvesting them? (We're in west LA.)