Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seed Starting Round 3

I am going to try again to start my Winter Melon, Pumpkin and Kabocha seeds.  This time I will use the APS-6 units.  These units are 4" deep (twice the depth of the APS-24 units).  This will allow me to cover the seeds with approximately a half inch of soil. 

I am using Miracle Grow Seed Starting for the bottom 3.5 inch of the cell.  I am topping off with the top 0.5 inch with the Germinating Mix from Gardener's Supply Company.   The Miracle Grow Seed Starting Mix is half the cost and much easier to obtain (at my local Home Depot) than the Germinating Mix, which I can only get via mail order.

I am utilzing 3.5 APS-6 units in this go around.  

One of the APS-6 units is half filled with the 3 Cherry Tomato seedlings that emerged from Seed Starting Round 2.  I filled the remainder of the APS-6 unit with more Cherry Tomato Seedlings.  I still don't have enough Cherry Tomato Seedlings for the season.  I want 2 each of Sun Sugar, Sun Gold, Sun Cherry ES, Sugar Snack, Super Sweet 100 and Sweet Baby Girl

The other 3 APS-6 units I use for Chinese Pumpkin, Kabocha and Winter Melon seeds.

This is a summary of the seeds that I planted:

Name Type SourceQty
Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato www.naturalgardening.com1
Sun Cherry ES Cherry Tomato www.evergreenseeds.com1
Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato www.parkseed.com1
Oblong 114 Winter Melon www.evergreenseeds.com2
Round 287 Winter Melon www.evergreenseeds.com2
Long Giant 386 Winter Melon www.evergreenseeds.com2
Long Melon Winter Melon My Own Seed (Grew Last 2 Years)4
Mother Melon Winter Melon My Mother (Asian Supermarket)4
Kabocha Kabocha My Mother (Asian Supermarket)2
Chinese Pumpkin Pumpkin My Own Seed (Grew Last Year)2

Here is a picture of the 4 APS-6 units under the Grow Light

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