Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seed Starting Round 2 Scorecard

Well, this round of Seed Starting did not go as well as the 1st round. 

I was only able to get 3 Cherry Tomato seedlings and 1 Winter Melon seedlings.  This is a germination rate of 16.7%

I actually got a decent germination rate from my Cherry Tomato seeds.  Out of 6 seeds, I got 3 seedlings (50% germination).

However, I only got 1 of 12 Winter Melon seeds to germinate and none of the two Chinese Pumpkins nor the two Kabocha seeds to Germinate.

I think the problem is that the APS-24 unit is too shallow.  Since the APS-24 is only 2 inches deep, I can only cover the seeds with about 1/4 of soil.  I think the seeds need to have more soil on top and below.   

Last year, I used the APS-6 units to germinate the bigger seeds (Winter Melons and Pumpkins).  I wanted to save space and try to germinate in the APS-24.  

Obviously, that was a bad decision.  

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