Saturday, January 17, 2009

Germination Scorecard

After two weeks, I have 7 tomato seedlings, 3 winter melon seedlings and 0 pumpkin seedlings.  This is an overall germination rate of 42%, which is lower than the 50% rate that I was hoping for.
I transfered the seedlings from the APS-24 to the bigger APS-6 and dumped the left over ungerminated cells.

I was not going to get anymore seeds to germinate because Algae had formed on the APS-24 (see the dark green layer on the surface of the cells in the picture).  The Algae started appearing about 4 days ago and the last seedling emerged 2 days ago.

Interestingly, all of the germinations occurred on the upper 2/3rds of the APS-24 unit.   I got 10 seeds to germinate in the upper 16 cells of the unit for a germation rate of 63% and 0 seed to germinate in the lower 8 cells of the unit.  The upper 16 cells are furthest away from where the capillary mat meets the water source, so it could be that the bottom 10 cells got too wet and the Algae got into the soil before the seeds could germinate.  I will see in the next set of seed starts if this trend holds true. If it does, I will change the way I use the APS-24 unit.  

This is the breakdown of the tomato seedlings:
Sun Sugar (1)
Sun Cherry ES (1)
Sun Gold (2)
Sugar Snack (1)
Super Sweet 100 (2)

This is the breakout of winter melon seedlings:

Long Melon (2)
Mother In Law (1)
Below are pictures of the seedlings after they had been transplanted into APS-6 units.

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