Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cherry Tomato Seedling Update

The Cherry Tomato seedlings are growing.   They have tripled in size in the 6 days since I have transplanted them into the APS-6 unit (compare the top and bottom on the picture to the right).  

However, the seedlings are leggy.  See how high the leaves are from the soil mixture.  

At the rate the seedlings are growing, they will reach the bottom of the grow light in a couple of days.  So, I needed to transplant them into a different container.

I use 6 inch diameter round containers as my next stage.  These containers require me to water the seedlings on a daily basis.  The APS-6 (and APS-24) have a capillary mat and water source, so I just need to keep the water tray filled to an adequate level every few days.

 One advantage of transplanting the seedlings again is that I can bury the seedlings under more soil.  This makes the seedlings less leggy and encourages deeper roots, which will make the plants healthier in the long run.

I need to start hardening off the plants soon. Unfortunately, it has rained the entire day and the forecast is for more rain in Southern California in the next week.

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