Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back From Vacation - Cherry Tomato Plants Have Escaped the Cage

I went on vacation for a week and when I came back I found that my Cherry Tomato plants had "escaped" from their Texas Tomato cages.

This is not surprising as I have to "tuck" the branches back into the Tomato Cage on a daily basis.

There are four Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomato plants in the foreground of the picture above. The plants have now blended together to fill all of the space between the Tomato cages.

It's too late to tuck the branches back in, but I am going to cut off the tops of the branches that have escaped the Raised Bed so that that they stop growing. Otherwise, the branches will eventually collapse onto the floor.

The picture to the right shows my oldest Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant.

It has grown several more feet since my last blog entry and is now draping over the 8 foot tall Tomato Cage.

The Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes are starting to ripen. The picture below shows what I was able to pick today. I was able to fill one and a quarter 32 oz containers.

The Cherry Tomatoes are a little behind where they were this time last year (see this blog entry). This is due to the late start I had as a result of "El Nino" (see this blog entry).

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