Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Cherry Tomatoes

I picked my first Cherry Tomatoes today!

These are from the Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant that I transplanted almost 3 months ago (see this blog entry).

This is the same time that I had my first Cherry Tomatoes last year (see this blog entry). So despite the unseasonably cold weather we have had this spring, I am "on schedule".

This Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant is now 8 feet tall and is about to out grow the Texas Tomato cage. I need to decide soon as to whether I should cut off the tops to stop it from growing any taller or let it start draping over the cage.


  1. Sungold are the best! Hardy, tangy flavor, abundant fruit for a long growing season. They add great flavor to zucchini that is different from other tomatoes.

    How do you prepare the earth for tomatoes before planting? Did you use seeds or plants?