Monday, May 31, 2010

Sweet Corn Ears Forming

My Early Sunglow Sweet Corn plants are doing very well.

They have doubled in height since my last blog post 3 weeks ago.

The corn tassels are starting to spread out. I expect pollen to start flying in the next week.

Lower down on the corn plants, I can see that ears are starting to form.

In the picture to the right, you can see the corn silk emerging. Hopefully, the silk will catch the pollen and I will have lots of corn kernels.

I have also started another corn planting. This time I am planting Bodacious, which is a Sugar Enhanced Sweet Corn. I purchased the seed from Park Seed.

I had to wait until the soil warmed up before I planted the Bodacious seed. Sugar Enhanced Sweet Corn is much more dependent upon soil temperature to germinate than regular Sweet Corn.

Plus, I wanted to spread out the plants in time so that the pollen from the Early Sunglow Sweet Corn would not pollenate the Bodacious corn.

The picture below shows the Bodacious seedlings look today, two weeks after planting. I planted 16 seeds and 12 germinated.

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