Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cherry Tomatoes Forming

I have Cherry Tomatoes forming!

The picture to the right shows my Sungold Cherry Tomato plant with several little Cherry Tomatoes.

This is about the same time that I saw Cherry Tomatoes last year (see this blog entry), so my mishaps with the weather (see this blog entry) have not delayed things too much. I am still on track to have Cherry Tomatoes ready to pick by the end of May.

All of my Cherry Tomato seedlings are now in the ground.

I am planting only 6 Cherry Tomato plants this year, compared to 11 last year. I had way too many Cherry Tomatoes last year that I ended up giving a lot away.

This year, I also spaced out the maturity of the Cherry Tomato plants, so that they don't all start producing at the same time.

The picture below shows 2 Sungold Cherry Tomato plants. The one on the right has been in the ground for 7 weeks and is the one that has the fruit forming. The one on the left has been in the ground for 2 weeks.

The picture below shows the other 4 Cherry Tomato plants. These are all Sweet Baby Girls. I transplanted the one in the front about 3 weeks ago. The other 3 were just transplanted.

With this arrangement, I hope to have a much more manageable crop of Cherry Tomatoes

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  1. Looks great! I'm trying to find a way to contain my huge growing cherry plant, it's almost 5 feet tall. I just planted 3 of them the end of May and I live in the desert.