Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Week's Worth of Cherry Tomatoes

How many Cherry Tomatoes can my Garden produce in a week?

A lot!!!

In the week since I first picked a full 64 oz container's worth of Cherry Tomatoes see this blog entry), I have been able to pick at least 1 full container a day.

Each container holds about 135 Cherry Tomatoes, so I have picked over a thousand Cherry Tomatoes in 8 days.

Sunday, June 21

Monday, June 22

Tuesday, June 23

Wednesday, June 24

Thursday, June 25

Friday, June 26

Saturday, June 27

Sunday, June 28

One thing you will notice as you go through the pictures above, is that the number of Red Cherry Tomatoes increases as the number of Gold Cherry Tomatoes decreases.

Most of the Gold Cherry Tomatoes comes from a single Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant. I have just about picked this plant clean.

My other Sun Gold Cherry Tomato and my Sun Sugar Cherry Tomato plant have not yet produced much riped fruit.

Where as my Sweet Baby Girl, Sugar Snack and Sun Cherry Extra Sweet are starting to produce a lot of ripe red Cherry Tomatoes.

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