Saturday, March 12, 2011

Putting up Texas Tomato Cages

Today is Transplant Day for the Cherry Tomato Plants that I started 2 months ago (see this blog entry).

The first step was to put up the Tomato Cages that I had put away at the end of last season.

The picture below shows one of the Raised Beds that I created to grow Cherry Tomatoes. I had taken down the Tomato Cages and fertilized it about 5 months ago (see this blog entry)

I use Texas Tomato Cages as my primary Tomato Cage. The best things about these Tomato Cages are that they are tall (8 feet) and are easy to put away and store. The picture below shows how nicely the cages fold for storage.

This will be the third year that I have used Texas Tomato Cages and they are a lot better than the Tomato Cages that I used before (see this blog entry)

The Texas Tomato Cages are made up of 3 pieces. The picture below shows how three Texas Tomato Cages at different stages of assembly.

The picture below shows the finished product. It took me about 15 minutes to put everything together.


  1. Good luck with the tomatoes. I will drop by from time to time to see how they are doing.


  2. How about posting some pictures of the tomatoes! It's been a little hot lately... keep them watered!

  3. i don't know if you still use this blog or not but in the case that you do. I am in SoCal as well and i Live in Altadena. I am starting my 1st ever garden and would love any help or info you could give me. I saw in this post that you mentioned San Gabriel Nursery.
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    thanks in advance for your help
    Luis (Luey's Garden)

  4. it's looking funny tomato in a cage.

  5. Wow!! You have pulled it beautifully. But I want to see some tomatoes hanging from those rods. Post 'em too. I'll drop by to see them.

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