Saturday, March 12, 2011

Combining 12 Tomato Cages into a Mega Tomato Cage

I love using Texas Tomato Cages (see this blog entry).

Unfortunately, they are expensive and come in a six pack. I have seven spots in my garden that I want to use to grow Cherry Tomatoes, so I was short one Texas Tomato Cage.

I have a lot of Tomato Cages that I had bought from Home Depot that were lying around, so I decided to combine them to create a "Mega Tomato Cage".

The picture above shows the area in my garden that I will use to build my Mega Tomato Cage.

The picture to the right shows one of the Home Depot Tomato Cages. It is about 4 feet tall, about 1 feet of which is buried in the ground.

I have grown Cherry Tomato plants that were over 8 feet in height, so you can see how inadequate these Tomato Cages are.

To compensate for the lack of height of these Tomato Cages, I sit one Tomato Cage on top of another and tie this together using cable ties.

I put one of these combined Tomato Cages in the middle and surround it with 5 more combined Tomato Cages.

I tie the whole thing together with more cable ties so that the wind and the weight of the Cherry Tomato plant does not topple it over.

The picture to the right shows the finished product. It does not look pretty, but it show be tall enough and sturdy enough to support a Cherry Tomato Plant

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