Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cherry Tomato Plant Spacing

For the past several years, I have struggled with how many Cherry Tomato Plants to put into my 10 foot long Raised Bed.

Two years ago, I packed 5 Cherry Tomato plants into this Raised Bed (see picture below)

This was not a good idea.

One of the Cherry Tomato plants got diseased and since the plants were so close together, the disease spread. You can see brown and curled up leaves on the plant to the far right in the picture above.

In order to save my Cherry Tomato crop, I had to destroy two of the Cherry Tomato plants.

Last year, I decided to spread out the Cherry Tomato plants and only put 4 plants in the Raised Bed. As you can see in the picture above, the branches of the Cherry Tomato plants spread out and soon intermingled. Fortunately, none of the plants developed any disease, but the plants were too close together.

This year, I am spreading the Cherry Tomato plants further apart and am only putting 3 plants int the Raised Bed (see picture below). This gives 2 feet of separation between each Cherry Tomato plant.

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