Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cloned Sun Gold Cherry Tomato Plants

Last week, I replaced my two Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plants. The Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plants started to drop off fruit production a few weeks ago (see this blog entry).

From my past experience with Cherry Tomato plants (see this blog entry), I find that once the plants stop producing and it's mid-summer, it's time to put in new plants.

The picture above shows two Cherry Tomato plants that I cloned from the original plants (see this blog entry).

Hopefully, I'll have new Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes ready to pick in late September.


  1. I live in Anaheim, CA. do you grow tomatoes year round?

  2. No. The weather gets too cold in the winter for me to grow Cherry Tomatoes year round. Plus, there is not enough sunlight during the day.

    My growing season last from March to late October.

    I start the plants from seed in January indoors and transplant in early March. In July, my plants stop producing and I replace with plants that I cloned from the first set.

  3. I've got some tomatoes of my own, but they are too small for me to tell yet what kind of tomatoes they are. Cherry? Beefsteak? Etc.