Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seed Starting 2010 Round 1 Scorecard

It has been 2 weeks since I started my seeds for the 2010 growing season (see this blog entry).The picture above shows my APS units under the Grow Light. I started the Grow Lights turned on at 10 hours per day for the first 10 days. In the last 4 days, I turned on the grow lights 24 hours a day so that I could force the last seeds to germinate. Sure enough, half of my seedlings germinated in the last couple of days.

The picture above shows a close up of my seedlings under the Grow Light. The two "tall" seedlings at the left are Charentais plants. The Charentais plants were the first seeds to germinate and they are very close to the bottom of the Grow Light. I need to transplant these two seedlings into another container otherwise the Grow Light will burn the leaves.

The picture below shows the two Charentais seedlings in a 6 inch round container. To the left of the Charentais plants is a Sun Gold Cherry Tomato seedling in a 4 inch square container.

So how did well did the seeds germinate?

Well, the Winter Melons (57% germination) and Charentais (50%) did well. The Cherry Tomatoes (8%) and Thai Chili Pepper (0%) did poorly.

The Winter Melons and Charentais were in APS-6 units (6 cells per unit), while the Cherry Tomato and the Thai Chili Pepper were in the APS-24 unit (24 cells per unit).

Last year (see this blog entry), I got a 42% germination rate from my APS-24 unit, so I must have done something wrong this year with the APS-24 unit.

The APS-24 unit is shorter than the APS-6 unit. Last year, I elevated the APS-24 unit by a few inches to bring it closer to the Grow Light. This year, I did not do this, so it is possible that the soil temperature was not warm enough to enable the seed to germinate.

I am going to try again with the APS-24 unit and elevate it like I did last year.

The table above shows what I am putting in my APS units for my 2nd attempt at seed starting. New means I put new seed in the cell and old means that there is a seedling from the 1st round already growing in the cell.

For the APS-24, all of the cells have new seeds, and all 4 cells in a row have the same seed type.

The picture above shows the APS units after I had put in the new seed and potting mix.

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