Saturday, July 11, 2009

Second Crop of Tomatoes

I have start a second crop of Cherry Tomatoes. This is to replace plants that have either been killed by diseased or were no longer producing much fruit.

The picture below shows the Cherry Tomatoes that I am now growing in my 2 primary Raised Beds. There are 7 Cherry Tomatoes in these Raised Beds.

The three Cherry Tomatoes labeled Mystery come from the mystery seedlings that I discovered growing in my garden a month ago (see this blog entry).

The Clone Sun Gold Cherry Tomato plant is the cloned seedling that I transplanted two weeks ago (see this blog entry). It has tripled in size in the last 2 weeks.

The Clone Sweet Baby Girl is another cloned seedling that I started roughly at the same time as the Clone Sun Gold Cherry Tomato.

The Pruned Cherry Tomato is a Sun Cherry Extra Sweet that is still producing and is still in good shape. I pruned back some of the branches.

The Cut Back Cherry Tomato is the Sun Gold Cherry Tomato that has produced the most fruit this season (see this blog entry). It is still growing, but I have picked almost all of the fruit from the plant. It is also too tall for me to pick easily, so I decided to remove the branches above 4 feet. Hopefully, the Cherry Tomato plant will grow back quickly and start producing fruit.

I also have 4 other Cherry Tomato plants (2 Sweet Baby Girls, 1 Sugar Snack and 1 Super Sweet 100) that are growing in another Raised Bed. These Cherry Tomato plants are still producing abundant fruit.

Hopefully, they will continue to produce fruit until the new Cherry Tomato plants start producing fruit.

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