Friday, February 13, 2009

Seed Starting Round 3 Scorecard

Well the APS-6 units made a big difference in Winter Melon and Kabocha seed germination!  The APS-6 cells are twice as deep as the APS-24 cells, and it looks like the bigger seeds need the extra depth. 

Out of 24 cells (4 APS-6 units), I got 14 seeds to germinate (58%).  However, 1 APS-6 unit did not germinate any seeds.  It could have been that Algae got to this APS-6 unit before seeds could germinate, or it could have been that I somehow forgot to put any seeds in this unit.  Discounting the seeds in this APS-6 unit, I got 14 out of 18 cells to germinate for a germination rate of 78%.

Next year, I will only use the APS-24 units for Cherry Tomato seeds and use the APS-6 units for the Winter Melon and pumpkin seeds.

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