Saturday, February 7, 2009

Building a Raised Bed Part 1

I wanted to add another Raised Bed to my garden before the season starts.

I was not happy with the look of the Plastic Raised Bed that I bought from Gardener's Supply Company.

The area that I want to put the raised bed is small (2 feet x 4 feet), so using Cement Garden Blocks would take too much room. So, that left wood as the medium for building the Raised Bed.

I did some research on the Internet and Cedar looked like the preferred wood to use. It is naturally water resistant and would last many years.

I thought about going to my local Big Box hardware store and buying Cedar 2 x 4s. However, I don't have a tools to properly cut the wood and from what I read, creating corners that line up and stay lined up over time is difficult.

I looked on the Internet for prefabricated Cedar Raised Beds that I could just assemble. The best deal that I could find was from Natural They had a nice sale when I bought the Raised Bed Kit in December and since they are located in Oregon, the shipping wasn't too bad.

Even though Cedar is water resistant, the wood will turn a dull gray if left untreated in just a few months. One of the reasons I chose wood was because of how it looks, so I had to find a way to treat the wood. Since, I will be using this Raised Bed to grow Cherry Tomatoes, I wanted to treat the wood with something safe and non toxic. I don't want any harmful chemicals to leach into the soil. Unfortunately, that eliminated all of the wood finishes and stains at the local Big Box store.

I looked at the Internet and there were several natural finishes available. I chose to use Bioshield Aqua Resin. I bought a 0.75 liter of Cedar Stain. Hopefully it will last several years before I have to restain.

The Raised Bed kit arrived in early January, but the Cedar stain was out of stock, so I had to wait until February before I could assemble the Raised Bed.

For part 2 see this blog entry.

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