Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seed Starting 2011

Today, I started my seedlings. This is about 2 weeks later than I have done in the past (see this blog entry).

Last year, we had a very wet and cold first months of the year. As a result, my seedlings did not develop (see this blog entry).

Since we had a wet and cold December, I did not want to take any chances that this year will be a repeat of last year. As a consequence, I am dividing my seed starting in phases. Today, I started my Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes. Next month, I will start my Winter Melons. In March, I plan to start my Sweet Baby Girl Cherry Tomatoes.

I am planting a lot less variety of seeds than I have done in the past (see this blog entry). This is a matter of economics (see this blog entry). I have limited space in my garden and I get the most return from planting only Cherry Tomatoes and Winter Melons.

Another change from the past is that I am using regular 4" square pots instead of the APS-24 and APS-6 units. Since I am only planting 8 seeds, it did not make sense to use the APS-24. I also don't have to deal with Algae problems (see this blog entry). I just have to be disciplined to water the pots regularly, as the biggest benefit of the APS units is that they are self watering.

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  1. looks to me like you need a big cold frame. Old glass storm doors are easy to find but they are heavy to lift...all the same, just section one of your raised beds, drive 2x4x2' stakes in the back edge to take the hinges and mount it...prop it open during the season or take it off and lean it somewhere when you don't need it.
    My cold frame is 4'x8'x4' high, lucite clear panel and the foam waffles I MADE THE TOP WITH are all I paid for at Home Depot (WHICH IS A LIGHT AND EASY TO CLEAN top for cheap)built on a 2x2 frame. The box is 3/4" exterior ply , painted, insulated inside with 2" rigid foam sheets, split 2'x4' moveable/removeable wire rack shelf at 36' HEIGHT inside, drilled 2" screened vent holes on the sides, twin 2x2 lid supports on hinges, and ALL FROM FREE RECYCLED MATERIALS I found/asked for in a two month period. If there was a light bulb inside I could grow in it year-round if I were here!!!
    If you have the room to build one start looking...The only problem is that you build one of these, then suddenly you want a greenhouse....