Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winter Melon Flowers Forming

This has been a very unusual summer in Southern California.

The mornings have been cloudy and the days cool. Last weekend, was the coolest July we had on record.

This weather has not been good for my Winter Melon plants. They flourish in hot weather.

Last year at this time, I had already harvested my first Winter Melons (see this blog entry).

This year, the flowers are just forming (see picture at the top).

The weather has turned hot the last couple of days. We have reached the 90s and more hot weather is on the way. This should make a difference.


  1. I agree! It has been a very cool June and July. Thankfully it's getting did rain some today. I just planted my Winter Melons from seed a few days ago. I'm hoping for a very warm fall season so they can continue growing.

    Love your garden updates =)

  2. I have winter melon plants that are just beginning to outgrow the pots they are in. I don't have a retaining wall or a fence to anchor a trellis like you have. Do you think a metal trellis like you made anchored by rebar stakes in the ground could support 2-3 winter melon plants?

  3. A Winter Melon can weigh over 20 pounds. Even with my Trellis system, the large Winter Melons will sag to the ground and I will need to support them. Otherwise, they will break off of the vine and crash onto the floor.

    I think your trellis will work. Just make sure that the rebar stakes are thick enough to support the weight of the winter melons and that you do not spread the rebar too far apart.